Lost or Damaged Your Vehicle Key?

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Why Reprogram Your Key

There are several reasons why you might need to reprogram your car keys. Firstly, if you lose or damage your original key, you will need to program a new key to work with your vehicle’s electronic system.

Additionally, if you purchase a used car, you may want to reprogram the existing keys to ensure that the previous owner no longer has access to your vehicle.

Finally, if you experience any issues with your car key, such as difficulty starting your car, it may be necessary to reprogram the key to resolve the issue. Ultimately, reprogramming your car keys can improve the security and functionality of your vehicle, providing you with greater peace of mind on the road.

Avoid The Lengthy Waits

Going through your manufacturer when it comes to key reprogramming can quickly become a lengthy and expensive process where you could have to wait up to a month before you receive the reprogrammed key!

That’s why at Motorfix Auto centre, we strive to make this process as quick and simple as possible.

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